Mads Teglers on Belgrade

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Interview by Strip-Project

How are you?
I am good! And very Creative at the moment and looking forward to come to Italy and work in May.x
What inspired your book? How did the idea of doing this project come to your mind?
I liked the idea of going to a city and meet new people trough my camera, I wanted from the start the pictures to be private and narrative.
Why BELGRADE? Did you travel to BELGRADE alone?
I heard so much good about the city, and met some really nice people that did an interview with me, they helped med setting
up the whole thing and get the contacts. I travelled alone it was actually very spontane from I got the idea and travelled to there, I like to grab the moment.
What is the most fascinating aspects of BELGRADE for you?
The people living there , so friendly and warm.
What is the perception of BELGRADE that we can find in the book?
Showing the colorfulness and creative youth of the city.
What about the people you met in BELGRADE? Are they your Friends? 
Some of them I still keep contact with and became friends with.
Do you prefer working with models or real people?
I like both, depends on the output.
What kind of emotional relationship of involvement do you establish with the subject to be photographed?
I do lot to make the subject comfortable in the shoot whether it is fashion or a portrait shoot or a personal project, then it is easier to capture the moment.
Do you think is more difficult to capture the momentary expression of a person in a photograph or make expressive an inanimate object?
Yes a lot, it can look very easy from the outside, sometimes I think the things that looks simple and narrative is the most difficult.
Was intimacy always been part of your work?
I think so, I have always been influenced by work of photographers with intimate view like Anton Corbijn.
Are you interested in redefining what is or could be intimate?
When a photograph makes you feel something deep and private.
What is Private for you?
Naked and personal stories.
Where do you consider your home?
The sea.
Did you always want to be a photographer? How did you start photography?
I started out when I was 14 , when we had darkrooms lessons at my school.
How the past 20 years of photography influenced your work?
I feel more confident I think you can see that in my work, and it aslo more natural now for me to push things more.
What is the difference between traditional photography on film , and digital photography? Has taking photographs became easier in the digital age?
The process.
How does a simple photo shoot become art?
Can be many things, sometimes just the feeling hard to explain.
It's more important for you what is represented in a picture or the way we represent it?
I like the mix of these two things.
Can photography have a value historical evidence? Can it represent an entire society?
Yes I think so, but now with instagram and the digital age, I think we will get lost of a lot of documentation, because people
shoot all the time and delete a lot.
How do you continue to value your own distinct photography identity?
I keep on pushing myself.
What is the message you wish to communicate through your work?
Humor and a personal narrative feeling.
What advice do you have for young photographers starting out in the careers?
Just shoot and shoot , be productive.
In your opinion does talent come from hard work or is a natural gift?
90% hard work and 10% talent.
What are you working at the moment?
Many projects and commercial work also, and a trip to Villa Lena to do a project with Strip.
What seduces you?
Woman and good smell.
What are you afraid of?
Hights, I am very afraid of high places, I feel like I want to jump when I stand there, and it scares me.
Who would you be in your next life?
Close your eyes.
I would sail around the world.
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